About Carly Rose Bergman

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I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. During my childhood you could always find me dilly-dallying outside. My Mom likes to reminisce about me being constantly MIA because I would be climbing trees, sneaking into my neighbor’s tomato garden, or checking under the backyard rocks for spiders. My Mom definitely taught me to love Mother Earth, whether it be by bringing reusable options to school, making our own laundry detergents, or camping in the backyard. At 15 years old, I got a job down the street working at a raw & vegan café called Pure Juice Cafe. I ended up working there for 5 1/2 years (and still manage to finesse my way behind the counter whenever I can!) This job changed the way I view the world, and it was the place where I began my high-vibrational, plant-based eating habits.

I’ve always had a strong connection to the natural world which is why I gravitated towards studying environmentalism in college. At Florida Gulf Coast University I majored in Integrated Studies, concentrating on sustainability and eco-spirituality. I received my permaculture design certification which is one of my greatest accomplishments yet. During my college years, my love for the environment amplified. I interned for organic farmers, and even hosted the coolest zero-waste, plant-based mock wedding! I traveled to Nicaragua to study Spanish and sustainability, and it was this particular experience in 2017 that inspired me to start the global campaign, Futuristic February. I created this campaign to raise awareness on unsustainable consumption in modern-day society.

I currently reside in Hawaii where I am focusing on building Yoga with Carly Rose. I know I am here to help people heal and experience a new way of life. I have many dreams, one being an eco-retreat center to help people heal through ceremonies, nature, and psychedelics.

I know I am on this earth to help you connect. When you join me in a vinyasa flow, my intention is for you to connect with your breath, your body, this earth & everything around you. You will leave our time together with a newfound sense of peace, wonder, strength (physical and metaphysical), and appreciation for yourself and others. So thank you for trusting me!