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About Futuristic February

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How It Started


I went to Nicaragua for a month in 2017 to educate small communities on environmentalism. I minimized my waste by refusing, reducing, and reusing, but I was far from perfect.

Nicaragua does not have a proper waste disposal system, so they burn their trash. This contributes to climate change problems, including erosion and rising sea levels.

One day it clicked in my head. If I’d left my trash there, I would’ve added to the very same problems that I was fighting against.

I questioned why people couldn’t see the detrimental environmental impact of their waste. To be honest, I questioned why I hadn’t made the connection sooner.

I decided to fit my waste in a small bag that I could bring back to the U.S. and dispose of properly.

I soon realized it wasn’t so difficult to reduce my waste. Refusing a plastic fork here… Remembering to bring my own water bottle here… It all added up and empowered me to take action.

When I got back home, I created #FuturisticFebruary. After the first challenge, I couldn’t believe how much waste I accumulated in one month.

I dove into a zero-waste lifestyle immediately, and here we are today… running this campaign for the 4th year!

How much waste do you think you produce in a month? Join us and take the #FuturisticFebruary challenge to find out!

Final Word

~ My goal is to have as little impact on the planet as possible while bettering myself and the environment. Going “minimal waste” isn’t easy, especially at first because you have to break loose of old habits. You have to get used to living in a consumerism world and re-train your brain on things like saying no to straws, asking for no bags, saying no to receipts, refusing plastic utensils and plastic bowls at cafés, etc. It truly is a journey, but it’s completely necessary in order to heal the planet. Every effort, no matter how big or small, helps to make this planet a cleaner place! Leave the world better than how you found it. ~

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