CBD For The Win!

CBD For The Win!

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No, you won’t get high!!!

No, you won’t feel buzzed!!

CBD oil, or Cannabidiol oil, is one of my favorite natural remedies.  If you follow my personal account on Instagram, you know that I am an avid user and promoter of this CBD oil.

Let’s start by explaining what CBD is. This oil can go by many different names such as CBD-rich hemp oil, hemp-derived CBD oil, or CBD-rich cannabis oil. I know a lot of people get hesitant when you mention that it originates from a marijuana plant, but don’t be alarmed. CBD is actually different than medical marijuana because it’s just one of the of eighty-five naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. Most people who take CBD look for the medical benefits of marijuana without the high that comes with large doses of THC. CBD is a perfectly safe & natural way to treat a multitude of problems in your body.

CBD works to calm your mind and relieves stress, pain, and inflammation. It improves regulatory movement, sensory perception, and cognitive function. In addition to having many positive effects on your body, CBD has also been known to have anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties by activating adenosine receptors & serotonin receptors in your body. Recent research has found that CBD has significantly helped to reduce nausea, vomiting, chronic fatigue, anxiety, tumors, and seizures. These studies and results prove that CBD is an effective and safe alternative treatment to some of the worlds most common ailments and psychiatric disorders that would otherwise be treated with non-natural, compounded drugs.

I use CBD for anxiety, stress, inflammation, skin issues, healing from black mold, seasonal depression, memory loss, and insomnia. My immediate family use it for rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, psoriasis, inflammation post-double hip-replacement, insomnia, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, pre-diabetes, epilepsy, weight management, and neurological disorders. One of my proudest moments is getting one of my family members with a bad addiction off of harmful substances and onto CBD, which is non-psychoactive and non-addictive!

Just like other natural medicines, CBD is great in that it can be used in an “as needed basis.” A simple example- a study involving a 10-year-old girl going through post-traumatic stress after being sexually abused. In the past, she had been placed on a large number of medicines that were switched around to combat her anxiety, insomnia, outbursts, suicidal ideation, and self-destructive behaviors. These medications only worsened her conditions so doctors wanted to try a natural regimen of CBD to help battle her conditions. She was given a dose of CBD at bedtime to help deal with her insomnia and a dose during times when she was dealing with anxiety or stress. The study of this patient found that after 5 months, she faced no negative side effects of CBD and her sleep and anxiety were greatly improved. Her scores on the sleep and anxiety scales decreased through her usage. This case, although unfortunate for the subject, proved that her CBD use trumped her drug regimens of the past. She was positively impacted through CBD which she could use in times of discomfort, without feeling anxious about dosage and the chemical mixing of her past prescription drugs.

“Wait, why do we need pharmaceuticals if CBD has been around for all this time?” The major block for using CBD as a daily medicine is that it is not seen as a powerful thing to combat major illnesses. I can personally vouch and say this perspective is not true… CBD has the power to help any issues from Parkinson’s to epilepsy. The case I mentioned is one of tens of thousands of cases where people are completely better with this holistic health alternative. Better health is accessible through a healthy preventive lifestyle. Along with eating a mostly raw, whole-foods, and plant-based diet, CBD is the perfect supplement to heal and prevent dis-EASE in my lives.

I use the brand Nuleaf Naturals and take 5 drops morning and night, every single day. My friends are the owners and partners of the company, and I believe in them with my entire being. The company is transparent, organic, and they are trying to heal the planet’s people with what the planet naturally provides!

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Check out this video for a bit more info on how I  incorporate CBD into my life… plus, enjoy these low-waste juicing tips!







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