Eco-Anxiety!?! Yes, It’s a VERY Real Thing!

Eco-Anxiety!?! Yes, It’s a VERY Real Thing!


 Eco-anxiety is the “fear of environment damage or ecological disaster” (Huizen). With the way our climate crisis has progressed and developed, it’s inevitable to feel fearful at times!!! Really, it’s quite normal. You’re looking at something threatening you! You see habitats, people homes collapsing. It’s all around you, all the time… it can definitely feel overwhelming.

That feeling—the one in your stomach of being overcome by the foreseeable damage—that’s the anxiety. What we want to share with you, ar ways to cope with that feeling of great anxiousness about the future of our environment, our home!



 The most important aspect of the climate crisis is action, no matter how small. It’s about seeing this damage that is already starting to form and choosing to do something about it! However, related to eco-anxiety, we’ve realized that this action must come in sustainable moderation. It’s easy and quite common to become so entirely worried by the expectations of what our future will look like that you lose sight of normal, balanced living. We have definitely been there… especially when we were striving to be 100% plastic-free at all costs… which ended up being pretty stressful and also, impossible!

Here are some pretty important ideas to remember:

-This worldwide crisis is not sitting on your shoulders asking you to fix it. It’s on all of us… together! Equal responsibility. Just because someone else isn’t doing their part, doesn’t mean that you have to pick up millions of other people’s slack. Focus on your effort and know that, that is all you can give—it is enough! We do as much as we possibly can, but we know that if we start to get a bit drained… it’s time to relax, take a break, maybe even take a short camping/eco-travel trip!



Our recent eco-travel trip in California mountains where we are hosting our sustainable, vegan retreat!

-There is no such thing as perfect zero-waste! Again… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT ZERO-WASTE!!! Waste is absolutely unavoidable, no matter how hard you try to remain zero-waste. If you happen to create more waste than you typically do or if you can’t get your waste to fit in a mason jar—that’s okay! Our waste for sure does not fit in a mason jar. We tried for years, and it’s not happening with our current situation (but maybe one day!) Don’t beat yourself up when you’re being conscious and making a remarkable effort—we’re all just doing our best!

-Working around the clock to solve the climate crisis is extremely dangerous for your mental health. Each day, spend time engaging in normal everyday activities. Give yourself room to breathe away from the climate crisis so you remember what it’s like to live. Doing this will bring an essential piece of harmony into your world!

-Surround yourself with other positive, earth-lovin’ people! Plan a day where you can pick up some trash and grab a smoothie bowl after. Make serving the planet fun and enjoyable!!



 The most reliable and consistent methods that we have acquired to help ease our eco-anxiety are meditation, earthing/grounding, & CBD. Also… looking at pictures of cute animals and playing with our pup, Paschi!


Many of you ask about the CBD oil we take- it’s a whole-plant extract that works to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety that you might feel throughout the day and allows you to decompress that overwhelming phenomenon that is the climate crisis. We only use Nuleaf Naturals CBD for dozens of reasons. Check out the video below on how we incorporate CBD into our meditations/breathwork:


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Nourishing my vessel with yoga, breath-work, cbd + coco water (2nd vid) I implement coconut water in my ritual because it contains lauric acid which our body converts into monolaurin. Monolaurin has great antiviral + antibacterial properties to protect against the flu, colds, intestinal worms, parasites, & viruses. I implement CBD for a ton of reasons- it regulates the cannabinoids in the body, bringing it back to homeostasis. This specific CBD helps me with anxiety, hormone balance, pain, calmness, sleep, blood sugar levels, black mold detox, skin & hair (internally + externally), improves focus, decreases inflammation, & fights disease (cbd is majorly immune boosting). Right now until December 2nd, @nuleafnaturals has 35% off CBD using the code SUSTAINABLE35 💚You can also use the code SUSTAINABLEDUO for 20% off anytime, & it can be used an unlimited amount of times. Please check out the CBD e-book on which includes scientific studies & some of the thousands of reviews you all have DMed me. Nuleaf has 15,000+ 5 star reviews & the product speaks for itself. 🌞 A few breathing practices I’ve been implementing: • Breathe of Fire • Alternate nostril breathing- inhale left nostril, exhale right nostril, inhale through right, exhale through left nostril. There are many different techniques and hand positions (the hand position is typically pointer & middle finger tucked in, but I simplified) • Kumbhaka- retention of the breath. “When inhalation and exhalation can be suspended at will, is the extreme stage, parallel with the state of Samadhi.”

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This company’s CBD is of the highest quality: it is a clean, simple and pure product. They are a transparent company, and unfortunately, this is hard to find in the CBD world…. we speak from experience!

If you go to, use the code SUSTAINABLEDUO for a lil’ treat from us… we are very grateful they are supporting our eco-community by offering 20% off every order + they also support us when you use our code (thanks for supporting us!) We only support brands that we use ourselves and stand behind fully, which is why we share about Nuleaf.



At the end of the day, you’re not alone. There are thousands, maybe even millions of people out there in the world battling eco-anxiety too. This climate crisis can dark and intimidating. But we have the power to be a light in the midst of the calamity! Let’s take back our territory and give this planet some good, old-fashioned, sustainable love while loving ourselves in the process!



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