My Eco-Travel Trip To Nicaragua- Where #FuturisticFebruary Was Born

My Eco-Travel Trip To Nicaragua- Where #FuturisticFebruary Was Born

Futuristic February all started following my return from Nicaragua. The time that I had in Nicaragua was spent as a volunteer for GIVE: Growth International Volunteer Excursions. I was immersed in a community of families who were displaced from their homes due to rising sea levels.


Additionally, it was a major reality check seeing the plastic on the beach in a place where there isn’t a waste management system. I would go for a swim in the ocean and I would be swimming through WAVES of microplastic!!! When we went on group hikes, nature immersions and city walks there were piles of plastic burning left and right…

I took action by collecting my own trash for the entire month, bringing it back home with me and disposing of it in America where it wouldn’t be burned.



From there, I took accountability for my carbon footprint and encouraged others to do the same by starting #FuturisticFebruary because I specifically wanted to see how much waste I accumulate as an individual when I’m not conscious of how much I am creating!! Being in the middle of 2020’s Futuristic February, it felt right to share about an organization that impacted my life so immensely, so that you would have the chance to be eternally changed, too!


What is GIVE?


GIVE is a volunteer abroad program that creates an opportunity for their volunteers to not only travel, but travel with purpose and impact a little piece of the world along the way! Their programs are immersed in small, developing villages in Tanzania, Nicaragua, Nepal, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. In these villages, GIVE generates meaningful change through projects catering to the individual community’s needs. These projects fall under three different pillars: English education, eco-friendly infrastructure, sustainable agriculture and wildlife conservation. As volunteers spend time in these global communities, they will participate in the production of these projects and leave behind an ethical and sustainable handprint when they go.


If you’re interested in making a sustainable impact abroad, start your journey with GIVE by applying online! Click here and let them know we referred you!


What makes GIVE different?

For many of us, the volunteer tourism industry isn’t lacking exposure. There has been an increasing amount of these programs in recent years which has allowed this kind of travel to grow; however, sometimes in regretfully harmful and/or negative directions. This is how GIVE sets itself apart. This company was created as a way to approach this ever-growing industry with a refocused and innovative lens, which led to what is called The GIVE Promise: a commitment to always put people, projects and principles above profit. This shift in perspective and priority gave GIVE the kind of space they needed to cultivate programs that inspire growth, empower global citizens and ignite sustainable change worldwide. Give also has plenty of excursions for volunteers! I went surfing, released rescued turtles, snorkeling, volcano sledding, scuba diving, made coconut oil, swam in a sulfur lake in the middle of volcanoes, and stayed an extra week with a host family for Christmas!




How can I get involved?


If you have ever felt the burning desire to be a part of something bigger than yourself and bigger than what exists so intimately around you, I would encourage you to sign up for a GIVE trip and give this company a chance to change the course of your life. You’ll leave your time with GIVE entirely absorbed in the work that they do. You’ll leave your time in the community with a global family that you never knew you needed before. But most importantly, once you engage in this kind of cultural immersion, you’ll be entangled and consumed with the goodness is creates, forever.

Visit GIVE’s website to learn more about what they stand for and how to sign up today:


Give absolutely, hands-down changed my life. It gave me a new perspective of community, family, the earth, and service. I have memories from this trip that will be in my subconscious forever, fueling a fire in me to be the roots of change!!!








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