Quarantine Eco-Resources

Quarantine Eco-Resources

I sincerely hope you all are staying inspired, positive, & optimistic. And if you aren’t, I resonate with that completely. I have been there… in and out of the rabbit hole. But I have come out powerful & vibrant. The best use I can be, for myself & everyone else, is to operate from the heart, channel in light, and spread positivity, laughter, & optimism. I have no other purpose!! So I hope this post inspires you to dive into research & soul-searching. The resources below have been powerful throughout my journey. Peace <3


Eco-Conscious Documentaries:


Plant-Based Knowledge:


Environmental Knowledge/Human Rights:




Health, Eco-Inspo & Spiritual Books: 



Audio Books:






YouTube Videos: 






Ethical Discounts (use code SUSTAINABLEDUO at checkout for all companies) : 



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