Top 10 Zero-Waste & Vegan Phrases for Travel in Español

Top 10 Zero-Waste & Vegan Phrases for Travel in Español

This past week we have been in Costa Rica having the time of our lives! We ventured out to this magical country to take a mini-break from our work life and look for potential apartments. It ended up being a work trip… go figure! However, we did get lots of jungle naps in…




We adventured to an amazing eco-village in the rainforest that has a huge permaculture and biodynamic farm (psssst- this is where we will be hosting our first ever retreat in spring 2020!) We went to countless fruit stands, juice bars, vegan restaurants, nature trails, and waterfalls. In regards to the food spaces, we were pleasantly surprised that almost all of these places had little to no plastic- most offered reusable options! There was only one time during the entire trip that we received plastic after we asked for no plastic. But as always, we had our reusables and our sustainability bag with us every minute of the trip. Considering a bit of a language barrier, one plastic mess up is a huge success to us!


Ps- How great is this hat? It says Make Celery Great Again, ha! These are our thrifted suitcases, freshly harvest jackfruit, and some zero-waste supplies.

Here are the top 10 sayings that helped us avoid plastic & animal products throughout our trip.

  1. “No quiero el plástico porque amo el planeta!” I do not want plastic because I love the planet!
  2. “Batido sin paja, por favor!” Smoothie with no straw, please!
  3. Yo tengo un bolsa reutilizable. No plástico, por favor!” I have a reusable bag. No plastic, please!” 
  4. “Somos veganos. No leche, no carne, no pez/mariscos, no huevos. Solo comemos plantas, vegetales y frutas por favor!” We are vegan. No milk, no meat, no fish or seafood, no eggs. We only eat plants- fruits and vegetables, please!”
  5. Puedes poner la bebida en mi vaso de reutilizable?” Are you able to put my drink in my reusable glass? 
  6. ¿Compostas?” Do you compost?
  7. “No servilleta, por favor!” No napkin, please.
  8. “No utensilios de plástico, por favor. Traje algunos!” No plastic utensils, please. I brought my own! 
  9. “¿Tienes agua filtrada?” Do you have filtered water?
  10. “¿Esto comida tiene productos animales?” Does this food have animal products? 

Brenden speaks very little Spanish, but luckily I took Spanish for 5 years in middle school and high school! When we were on the beach eating a pineapple, we were approached by a local asking if we wanted to buy alcohol. After saying no, he commented on the way we were eating the pineapple with our hands and no cutlery!


In Spanish, I told him we were traveling to Costa Rica and eating lots of organic fruit every day because we are vegan. He said, “Que es un vegano?!” aka what is vegan? I responded saying, “No vemos la diferencia entre un perro y una vaca. Amamos a todos los animales, no los comemos ni su leche, queso, o criaturas.” aka we don’t see the difference between a dog and a cow. We love all animals, we don’t eat them or their milk, cheese, or babies. The local looked at Brenden’s neck tattoo and said, “Oh, that makes sense. I want to try it.”


We told him that he can google any meal and just put the word “vegan” before it for amazing recipes! He then found a recipe for vegan cashew queso, which he was excited to try. This was one of the best moments of our entire trip… organic and positive activism is what we live for.


Here are some more pictures of our travels- and we posted even more here on Instagram! Stay tuned for upcoming details for our retreat!!!



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