Rethink Gifting in 2019, A Greener Holiday Season

Rethink Gifting in 2019, A Greener Holiday Season

Holiday Eco-Guide Feat. Eco-Stocking Stuffers!

Stockings can easily be filled up with cheap junk you can find at multiple conventional stores (and it’s usually junk that is plastic, wrapped in plastic, that people wrap in MORE holiday-themed plastic… YIKES ) so below I have created a video to help give you some ideas & easy hacks for eco-gifting!



I totally recommend, and even prefer, gifting DIY’s and hand-me-downs, & I have posted



So alllllll of this organic food was on its way to the DUMPSTER?! YUP! Billions of pounds of fresh food is tossed each year because grocery stores only want “perfect” food on their shelves. So these apples were considered “too small”, the potato had a tiny hole, the carrots don’t look “perfect”, etc. @misfitsmarket is amazing because their produce is 40% cheaper than grocery store prices, making organic foods accessible to A LOT of people!! They use recyclable and compostable packaging and they are testing out new eco-friendly insulation for shipments


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We love Darn Good Yarn because each skirt is handmade by co-ops in India out of recycled saris! They have many vegan silk, post-consumer skirts, & the skirts are very customizable in terms of size!


Keep us updated if you try any of these! We wish you a happy holiday season full of sustainable goodies. Speaking of sustainable goodies… check out our latest YouTube video and make some of these holistic, holiday-themed drinks!


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