2020 #FuturisticFebruary Challenge

2020 #FuturisticFebruary Challenge

February is an extremely important month here at Sustainable Duo, Inc. It’s moments of awakening and reflection and sustainable stoke! It’s a time to put our personally accumulated waste to the test. This is the month of our 4th annual, Futuristic February—and we want you to take the challenge with us!

I, Carly, founded Futuristic February when I returned from Nicaragua in 2017. During my time there, I was exposed to the holes in Nicaragua’s waste disposal system. Lacking the resources that a more environmentally friendly solution would require, they simply burn all of their waste—including their plastic and recyclable materials.


Pictured: Carly’s waste produced in Nicaragua

In an effort to reduce my personal impact, I collected all of the plastic waste/recylables that I consumed in Nicaragua and brought it home with me in order to properly dispose of it. This mindful act not only saved our atmosphere from additional toxic emissions but also provoked the idea for a now world-wide challenge: Futuristic February!




FF Feed-02

Futuristic February is essentially what I had done in Nicaragua—only on a larger scale. It asks the participants to collect all recyclable and non-perishable waste for the full month of February.

FF Feed-03

The idea here is to consume as you normally would. Allow your waste to pile on top of itself. Give yourself an accurate picture of the amount of waste you individually generate each month—then multiply it by twelve. Multiply it by your lifespan and then resonate with that waste.

FF Feed-04


The expectation is that this challenge will act as a visual aid for those who are curious. That it will expand each person’s consciousness regarding consumption and prompt movement toward sustainable change!


Once Futuristic February is complete—we are ready to help! OurInstagram, YouTube channel, e-books, and Facebook are all available resources for those wanting to live a more sustainably-conscious life.


“I refuse, reduce, repair, recycle, reuse because there is no planet B!”

-Anja Zeidler (@anjazeidler, #FuturisticFebruary participant)



“It was a good lesson for me, a good chance to reflect and implement changes. I can do better!”


-Margarita (@s_marga, #FuturisticFebruary participant)

Don’t wait until next February, or even the February after that! Start with us, this February of 2020, and choose to make sustainable change now! Then, watch your waste decrease every year as you continue to partake in Futuristic February and create new, zero-waste habits.

FF Feed-05

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